Why the arts are important for medical students; the story of the laughing philosopher; 20 stunning highlights from the RISD Museum's new release; take our survey; learn how to add rights statements and manage splash pages in Shared Shelf.
Doctor visits a sick elderly woman in bed. Attributed to Wybrand Hendriks, Warner Horstink, Hendrik Schwegman, 1754 – 1831 and/or 1766 – 1815 and/or 1771 – 1816. Image and original data provided by Rijksmuseum

Enhancing visual acuity in medical education through the arts

In this guest post, Joseph Costello, a Medical Librarian at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine, explains how art enhances medical students’ empathy and communication skills.

Unknown artist (Japanese); Buddha Mahavairocana (Dainichi Nyorai); ca. 1150-1200. Image © Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence

RISD Museum

Artstor and the RISD Museum are now sharing more than 3,600 images from the Museum’s permanent collection in the Digital Library.
The 'Codex Mendoza', pt. I.; fol. 002r, early 1540s. Image and original data provided by the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.  Copyright Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.

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Shared Shelf Tips: Adding a rights statement and managing splash pages

If you are sharing your collections in Shared Shelf Commons and the Artstor Workspace, you may want to manage your splash pages and add rights statements to your media.

Dan Flavin; Untitled, ca. 1970. Image © Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; © 2009 Stephen Flavin / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

A tour of the RISD Museum in 20 objects

Our friends at the RISD Museum created a tour of their encyclopedic collection through twenty notable objects.

Johannes Moreelse, Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher, c. 1630. Image and original data provided by the Mauritshuis, The Hague.

Why is this philosopher smiling?

Democritus is primarily remembered for theorizing that all matter consists of invisible particles called atoms, but luckily for artists he was also known as "the laughing philosopher." Find out why.

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